Day 24 – Queenstown (still)

Today was my third day off the bike of the trip. I didn't really want to take one here but after how late I got in and how my legs felt I needed it. Outside of the expensive stuff I did the rest of the recommendations from the cyclists a couple nights back. I got coffee at Patagonias (mostly to use their free wifi), a burger at Fergburger and happy hour beer at 1876 pub. Outside of that I spent the rest of my day wandering around town, finally tracking down a patch kit to fix a tiny hole in my tents mesh, reading and tourist watching. Restlessness, as usual for days off, really started setting in after about 6pm. I need to try to put a couple short days back to back to try to avoid needing rest days in the future. They're great, but at some point I get uncomfortable having not actually gone anywhere.

Back to food. Now I have has some complaints about the food here, mostly things that I loved at home aren't as good and (other than meat pies) I haven't found any replacements. Burgers, however, are something they really get right here. Always enormous and always so perfect after a day on the bike. Now I know this is something people say about a lot of places, but I can definitely say that Fergburger today served me the best burger I've ever had.

I also spent some time today actually attempting to form a plan for the rest of my time here (gasp). I've spent enough time talking to cyclists and reading the South Island Peddlers' Paradise book that I have a pretty solid idea on the remainder of my time down here will be like. Given that, I could make a rough guess on how much time I'd have on the North Island as well. Looks like I can make a mad dash across the boring southern part, ride the eastern cape then see (quickly) the tropical top of the island before getting back to Auckland at the end of January.


3 thoughts on “Day 24 – Queenstown (still)

  1. Justine

    I think the Penguin and the photo of the two sheep are the cutest pics on your trip so far! Landscapes look lovely. Seems like one of the prettiest places on the planet. Glad the weather warmed up for you.

  2. Seth Petry-Johnson

    I remember being a little nonplussed by some of the food. In one little burger joint on the north island I asked for a burger with only “lettuce, tomato and onion” on it and the guy was like “what, no carrot?”. He was dead serious and super confused, and I fought that very odd 🙂


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