Day 49 – End of west coast, end of the pair

Today James and I finished what is likely to be our last day cycling together as we made it to Westport, finishing the west coast. Weather was hot, sunny and beautiful, a fitting way to finish the “rainy west coast”. Total kilometers spent getting rained on was only about 70, though maybe 110 with gloomy, foggy weather. Given that the west coast is about 400km long I'd say we had pretty good luck.

Not a lot to talk about for the ride other than it was full of beautiful scenery and Pakihi Hill is a jerk.

Westport is a pretty nice town, we wound up pitching our tents behind Bazil's hostel, a place that was recommended way back by the cyclists I met in Clyde. I failed to get to Westcoast brewery in time to finish my following their entire list of advice. I may actually take a day off here tomorrow, though. Would like a day to relax and watch The Hobbit before hitting the road alone again. To celebrate our time together James and I got a pack of beers and Christmas mince pies to go with dinner. It's been good having someone to ride with and he's really helped me keep my impulse spending on food and coffee down.


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