Day 9 – The lake whose name I never pronounce correctly

Today's ride was short, but rough. A measly 44km to get from Fairlie to Lake Tekapo (pronounced tea kuh poe, not any of the ways I get funny looks from locals for saying. I was a steady climb from camp until Burkes Pass which is two rather steep climbs. I decided at some point before a sharp turn during the last heavy climb of the pass that I couldn't go much longer and here was as good as any place to stop and look like a wuss on the side of the road. I snapped some sweet pictures and when I got back on my bike I found out that 50 feet ahead when the road turned, the climbing was over.

I can't believe I road up this

After that was the start of MacKenzie Country with the southern alps in the background until I made it to the beautiful (and highly crowded) Lake Tekapo at last. When I got to camp I ran into Jim and Tonya again (the couple touring from Australia). Apparently after the two days of climbing to get here they had taken a day off. Spent some time catching up over the last few days and they helped me make some plans for my time going forward so I don't run out of island before my time here is up.

A cloudy MacKenzie Country

If I haven't mentioned it already, meat pies are really popular here. Most coffee places sell them and most gas stations and convenience stores have them in those hot boxes or next to a microwave. I love these things. Next to beer they are the best thing imaginable after a long day on the saddle.

Me loving a meat pie next to the lake


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