Day 8 – Fairlie

Today I road from Geraldine to Fairlie by a scenic route to avoid the normal busy path which put today's distance at 75km. It was a long, draining gradual climb with a lot of headwinds. I wound up putting my Garmin in my handlebar bag because it was getting depressing to see how slow I was riding.

It was a beautiful day here; the first one warm enough for shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Unfortunately the magpie attacks got so bad I actually wound up trying to punch a bird, I succeeded only in making drivers around me laugh, sadly.

Grabbed dinner with the motorcycle tourist camping next to me tonight. A kiwi who's also cycled a lot of the two islands. Told him about my plans and after mentioning my expected time on the North Island he asked if I had considered going home early. Thanks dude. He cited the heavy traffic, unfriendly terrain and little to see.

I made a joke once before about being awful at roughing it. Well tonight the only camp in town was a motorcamp that not only has free showers and a tv with cable, it has free wifi covering the entire grounds. A pile of screaming children as well, though.


4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Fairlie

  1. Justine

    Seems like you’re covering a lot of ground quickly. Probably going to end up seeing all the island in less time than you expected. Sounds like Andrew’s gonna get a visit from you for longer than he anticipated 🙂

    1. twymer12 Post author

      I definitely am covering more than expected. Coming into more mountainous (and interesting) territory so should be slowing down some. Also need to start taking more side trips or, yeah, visit Andrew early.


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