Christchurch – Day 1

My plan today was to do almost no cycling. I figured I'd land in Christchurch, get my bike together, find a bike shop to fix whatever I did wrong and then relax around town. Bike assembly took less time than expected and everything felt sturdy and right so I skipped the bike shop checkup. The Christchurch airport has a nice bike assembly station. Makes you feel like everyone is judging your work as a large section of waiting area chairs face it. Some local actually came out and talked to me about my plans for a bit while I was at it.

When I was done it felt really good to get moving on my bike and I wound up putting in 35 miles wandering aimlessly and getting rather lost in Christchurch. I did manage to see most of the tourist things as well as some of the major points of earthquake damage.

Riding on the left side is harder to get used to than I expected. At first it seemed easy but the instinct to jump to the right side when someone's turning at you is hard to shake. I also forgot I needed to look to the right when making a right turn. Honk honk.

Most popular restaurants in the city seemed to be McDonald's and Subway.

Tomorrows plan is to get as far away from the city as possible (not because of the McDonald's).

I actually got yelled at for having biked to this spot



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