Day 0 – Setting off

Guess this is really happening! Cleared customs and immigration and am in Auckland waiting for my final flight right now.

Mistake #1, don't leave your sleeping pills and Advil in your checked bag before starting a 25 hour duration set of flights. Mistake #2, avoid 25 hours of flying.

Something I've heard a lot in recent days is that people hope I find what I'm looking for. The truth is, I'm pretty sure I have no idea what I'm looking for but hopefully I do before I find it.

Set up before my first flight.

Also, posts won't always be added when I write them given my sporadic Internet for this trip.


2 thoughts on “Day 0 – Setting off

  1. Shelley Wymer

    Whenever you get bored, you should spice up your page a bit. Too much white! Anyways, super excited for you and it is weird already that you are not in Ohio!


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