Day 70 – Tires are important

Decided I would get an early start this morning so I woke up at 6:30 and started packing my stuff. I wanted to beat the heat today. Well, when I was putting my rear panniers on I noticed my tire looked a little destroyed.

This is the original rear tire (a Continental Comfort Contact) and has lasted me probably close to 2500 miles with time on rough pavement and gravel roads. Most importantly it did all of this carrying heavy weight and not once had a flat. So all things considered I was pretty happy with the tire.

I wandered over and asked Rob what I might do about getting myself to Gisborne, since there was no bike shop in my direction for 300km or more. He told me to head to town and see if I could get one brought on the courier. I ride the 4km to town, tire still holding up, and ask at the dairy (the only thing open) about how to arrange a courier. They let me use their phone and help me call a pile of bike shops looking for someone who is willing to deal with me needing to pay by credit card over the phone. Nobody can do that, though, but Freddy from Bikeys bike shop was really helpful and wound up agreeing to send the tire on the courier cash on delivery. I had nagged him with several calls as I figured things out and they weren't even supposed to be open yet! Really appreciate him and the nice lady at the dairy for helping me get back on the road.

I upgraded the rear tire to a Continental Touring Plus, since it was that or a cheap tire. Unfortunately it was more than I wanted to spend but stuff like that isn't as cheap here as it would be back home. Cost me $10nzd as well to get the courier to bring the tire and return the cash, but it came by 11:30am and sure beat hitchhiking to Gisborne and back.

Well I didn't beat the heat so when I finally got on the road it was up around 90 degrees and the tar on the road was melting. At some points it caused trucks to tear the road up and send stones flying but for the most part it just meant the road occasionally felt like glue. I made my couple climbs and wasn't feeling it. Between the heat and the steep hills I was exhausted by the time I made it to Tokomaru Bay. I stopped to eat a snack on the beach and ran into a German guy, Faulkner, who was sitting next to a Surly LHT.

We talked for a while and he told me about the backpackers he was staying at (Brian's Place), said they had tent sites so I went up to check it out. From the hostel itself I had to climb stairs cut into the dirt up a hill to this single tent site area with the most spectacular view.

So after seeing the spot I decided I would end my day here happily.


3 thoughts on “Day 70 – Tires are important

    1. twymer12 Post author

      The Comfort Contacts were standard issue. I was considering the Marathons for my next set but I only had the choice between Continental Touring Plus or a brand I didn’t recognize.


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