Day 62 – Continuing the lonely road

I was running short on food for breakfast/lunch so I left camp before eating hoping to pick up a loaf of bread at the dairy in the tiny town I camped at. Turns out their closed for the holiday still. I was warned of this but apparently didn't pay enough attention, many NZ businesses take the 2nd off as well as the 1st, so I had an unusually small breakfast and a can of chicken for my snack. The next town, Wimbledon (46km away, no tennis) away at least had a pub so I could get something good for lunch.

I talked to the bar tender for a bit before eating and they offered to let me put my tent on their paddock, but it was only noon and I didn't want to go without breakfast tomorrow so I figured I'd push on. After Wimbledon I passed the place with the longest name in the world. I'm too lazy to type it, see picture.

From there I landed at Porangahau beach to set up my tent, sadly there was no camp spots allowed (or stealth spots that I could find) that had a beach view. If you're following closely that means I went from Pongaroa to Porangahau today. I've been here two months and still can't handle the names. I get them mixed up a lot and often completely blank when asked where I came from. “That place that starts with a 'P' south of here.”


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