Day 60 – Not feeling it on New Year’s Eve

Yesterday's stiff climb up the Rimutaka's, walking my bike down the other side in heavy wind and having to hitch hike left me sore in new places and emotionally drained today. I took breaks when I found nice spots in towns, which on the north island is apparently super common, and by 3pm I had moved hardly 35km. I had made it to Masterton and decided I'd camp here. I wanted to relax and recharge, and this seemed like a nice place to do that.

So far the north island seems pretty similar to the south, with the big exception of population. As I've talked about before, I often went entire days of riding to get from camp to the next town with food. Today in my measly ride I saw 3 towns (counting Masterton) that, by comparison to my last two months, were pretty large towns. Big enough for a library and a McDonald's!

I walked back to town to maybe hit up a bar for New Year's Eve. The place was pretty dead, so I went back to reading, and I'm not just saying that because my mom reads this!


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