Day 44 – A second (and third) trip to the bakery

We took the day off today, spending it mostly hanging out in the YHA relaxing and recovering. For me I had been in the saddle 14 days straight with some of these being long and grueling days like the Crown Range day. For James I think it's been about 7, but he's earlier in his tour and still getting used to this.

I woke up having slept better than I had in a while, I really missed having a bed. Given the cold nights I've had here I typically have to have my sleeping bag zipped up to my head so am pretty confined at night. Being able to roll around and stretch out was fantastic.

We went back to the bakery for lunch and got pasties (corn/potatoes/beef/etc in a big pie-ish crust.. See picture below) and donuts as it was donut day there.

These were some serious donuts. Fist sized balls stuffed with cream, jelly or custard. The title says third as well because I wound up going back for another later on. Eating healthy on my rest day!

I also spent a bit of time trying to find an easy way to make a map of my trip on my iPad. I had little luck, hopefully I can make use of the Garmin software when I get access to a real computer and upload my stored data. Anyway, I found a way to roughly draw on a map and this has been my last 6 weeks.


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