Day 39 – Entering sand fly country

When we woke up, my new riding buddy James and I lamented about whether or not we should ride. It looked to be a beautiful day but I was pretty beat from the day before. In the end we decided to head out to make proper use of the beautiful day, but keep it a short ride. I took some time in the morning to use the Internet and then we ran some errands in town, not knowing when we would get the chance to do any of this again as we pushed into the rather unpopulated west coast. We rolled out of Wanaka finally at 1:30pm.

As we cycled alongside lake Wanaka and lake Hawea, passing up DoC camp sites left and right, it became apparent that having a riding buddy wasn't going to help me keep my goal to go easy on myself occasionally. We eventually decided to make the day end in Makarora, 75 hilly and beautiful kilometers away from where we started.

I suppose we were well rewarded when we found the quaint camp site with spotless showers and a good kitchen at the end of the tiring day.


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