Day 31 – Blowin’ in the wind

As I began to leave Tuatapere, the wind was faintly blowing from the west. My ride to Invercargill was about 25km south then 65km east so I was mostly okay with the new direction. As I went, the wind kept building strength. By the time I made the turn it was as heavy as the tail winds I had yesterday. The road weaved a lot so, again, crazy fast riding with dangerous hits from the side. I broke my speed record on the touring bike when I hit 40mph, rocketed down a small hill with the wind.

There really wasn't a lot of interesting stuff to talk about today. The weather was nicer and I saw the ocean. I met a French couple touring on a tandem. They were going the other direction and entirely unhappy about the current weather, of course. I mentioned a sign I saw about a camp site not in the Paradise books in case they wanted to get off the road early. I'm also getting better at tripod self timer shots.


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