Day 16 – The ocean and the rain

Today I started the trek towards Dunedin, the second biggest city on the South Island. It's only about 120km from Oamaru so I should get there tomorrow. I made it about 75km to a small town called Waikouaiti today.

Weather of course wasn't so pleasant. Started my ride today nice and sunny but after about an hour the rain came and went for the rest of the day. For the most part it was pretty light, just cold, and I'll take some rain over heavy winds just about any day.

I weaved on and off state highway 1 to take back roads that run along the coast. Even with cloudy skies and drizzling rain the ride was great but I had too few chances to take pictures without risking my camera.

From my tent tonight I can hear the ocean which is quite the welcomed change from the sheep I've heard for the last few nights.


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