Day 6 – Out of the gorge and to Geraldine

I got an early start this morning because I was hoping to make it to Geraldine before the end of the day. I had to climb out of the gorge and make a total of 80km on the bike to do that. I really wanted to get here. I felt like I hadn't seen civilization in a while, it had been two days without Internet to post blogs and even longer without enough that I could upload my photos without hitting the data cap. I've been getting some noises on my bike that I couldn't fix myself and supposedly there's a bike shop here (though I couldn't find it today).

Geraldine isn't really a big place, population of 1500 and the kind of place everything fits on the one main road but I like it and think I'm taking a rest day tomorrow to get my bike back to normal and let my legs have a rest as Mt. Michael and Burke Pass are both in my next 80km of riding as I head towards Lake Tekapo.


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