Day 4 – It’s going to be an easy day, they said

Today I planned to take it easy, this is only the fourth day of my trip and I've been hitting mileage I didn't expect until much later. My body isn't a happy camper about that one. I figured I'd make it back to Christchurch and call it a day at a motorcamp a bit south of the town. Well I got lost, so lost I started to try to get on a motorway. Magically I found the road I need to take to continue my travels. What the hell, I thought, I'm sure there's another place to pitch a tent, right? Uh, wrong. Every town I made it to said that the next town has a hostel or a campsite. Nope. It was lightly raining and I was in the middle of the less interesting plains so I figured legs be damned I'll go until the place I expected to stay at tomorrow. 105km total, sorry legs.

Today was just rain and sheep, so instead of pretty pictures here is one of my caffeine this morning. It's a “long black”. Basically an americano but better.


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